iVirtual Dressy

iVirtual Dressy -Virtual Fitting or Dressing Room

Changing clothes is a bothersome as well as an important thing for buyers. The new product we introduce is “i Virtual Dressy”. It is a product born of our iLinus software which has very advanced concept of replacing the conventional ‘Dress Trial Room’ of our countries ‘apparel shops’ into a “Digital Dress Trial Magic Mirror”. A virtual dressing room  is the online equivalent of an in-store changing room. It enables shoppers to try on clothes to check one or more of size, fit or style, but virtually rather than physically.

Virtual trial/dressing rooms is the new concept. It gives you 3D interactive virtual trail room experience. It feels like you are looking into a mirror and being superimposed by virtual garments by the way you gesture. That means you can place a virtual cloth and position it on your body. It also saves the time which is being wasted while standing in a queue outside a trial/changing room of the store. Also elderly don’t have to get through the hassles of dressing rooms. iLinus is working on providing such augmented technologies to their customers to help in optimizing the benefit of cloth shopping.

Instant Body Recognition

The display calculates body size in few seconds by using 3D imaging technology

Intuitive User Experience

By using simple gestures or a tablet, customers can browse the complete catalogue

Responsive 3D Virtual Fitting

Customers not only can see how they look wearing the cloth of their choice but also synchronise it with their movements

Convenient Mix and Match

Customers can try more than one garment at the same time, doing their preferred combinations!

Take the Experience

Take the experience with you or keep it for further visits to the shop


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