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A virtual event involves interacting people sharing a common virtual environment on the web, rather than meeting in a physical location. Virtual events are highly interactive, looking and feeling a lot like their physical counterparts. “iVirtual event” can also refer to aspects of an event that are brought to users through an online experience. This can range from live-streaming the event, to creating on-demand video content for users to view after the conclusion of the event.

Virtual events started to become increasingly popular as they offered an economically and environmentally effective way to bring thousands of attendees to an event from around the globe. Virtual environments are becoming an increasingly important part of the marketing mix. For marketers, virtual events can provide a rich source of marketing data, because the activities of each participant can be tracked and evaluated. A virtual engagement index is a variable to measure interaction quantity and quality of participants. This is a very useful tool for sales people who would then know the quality of the lead they are pursuing, however not all providers offer this feature yet.

Our Features


From Kids to folks, We have key that will retain everyone whom your energize


From Kids to folks, We have key that will retain everyone whom your energize


From Kids to folks, We have key that will retain everyone whom your energize


Captivate and increase your target audience in an innovative way. Allure to bring buying mass-consumers to a right place.


From Kids to folks, We have key that will retain everyone whom your energize


Our Service

Want your audience have fun at your place? Want your occasions be more entertainment? We assure for that. We ensure that Our innovative technology brings a new experience to your business, occasions and etc.

Corporate Events

Textile shops, Malls, Family occasions, To attract Event Management, Our innovative zones are fun, entertaining and gives the memorable moment to the customers.

Brand Activations

We support you to attract the customers and engage a crowd around you. Our Enthusiastic event gives brand name too.

Product Launches

We know the way to create your product successful. Our innovative experiences brings the center of everyone’s attention.

Team Building Activities

With our experienced team, we have built amusing and good experiences to the organizations.  Our team support you to beat the competitors with amazing entertainment.

Trade Shows

Imagine so much crowd to come to your  organization, interact with your products and just say there for all the while? We provide such a wonderful experience to you never ever before.

Social Gatherings

Whether in a mall, Textile Shops, Family occasions, Malls, set new and enthusiastic entertainment with an innovative way. It gives amusing experience to the entire place.

Mice Events

Produce Booming bestowal and add fun entertainment in your organization and family occasions with our breaking new product and leave the audience Stunning experience.

Custom Solutions

From presentations to demonstrations, we build augmented reality interactive product that put you and your brand way ahead of others.